Toji Suzuhara

Toji is a classmate of Shinji who lives with his younger sister. Although he puts up a tough attitude, he cares greatly for the ones he loves, especially his sister. He initially beats up Shinji for injuring her in the battle against Sachiel after Shinji's identity as the pilot of Unit 01 is revealed. But after seeing Shinji fight against Shamshel first-hand and being pressurized by Kensuke Aida, he apologizes and seeks his friendship.

Toji is also an Eva pilot. He was chosen as the Fourth Child and was supposed to pilot Unit 03. During its arrival from Nerv's second branch in the United States it became corrupted by the thirteenth Angel, Bardiel. When Toji activated the Eva for testing, Bardiel took control and marched towards Nerv headquarters where it was met by Units 00, 01, and 02. After dispatching Unit 00 and 02 and nearly defeating Shinji, who refused to attack another pilot, Gendo Ikari ordered the use of the dummy plug in Unit 01. Unit 01 proceeded to destroy Unit 03 and critically wounded Toji in the process. Toji was hopitalized and wasn't seen again. Shinji learns later on towards the end that he moved out of Tokyo-3 with his sister when everybody was evacuating. However, in the Sadamoto manga Toji is killed in the battle with Unit 01.

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