Shinji Ikari

AGE: 14. HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown. EYE COLOR: Blue. (Brown in the Manga) BIRTHDAY: July. 06. 2001.

"I Mustn't Run Away! I Mustn't Run Away!

[edit] Description

Shinji Ikari is the Third Child in the Series, He's the Main Character of the show, He's the Child of Gendo Ikari and Yui Ikari He was born in Japan, When Shinji was 4, He was abandon by his Father, That, Giving him Issues with his Father, Later, Shinji got a Call from his Father, Thinking that they could work things out, But learned that his Father only wants him as a Pilot, Shinji did Pilot it after he seen the condition a Girl namedRei Ayanami was in, Shinji's Guardian is Misato Katsuragi And he lives in an Apartment with Her and Asuka Langley Soryu, Shinji pilots Evangelion Unit-01, Shinji tends to Listen to a SDAT Music Player, In the Movie, It shows that it was Originally his Father's, Shinji's Catchphrase is "I Mustn't Run Away!" Shinji's first Appearance was in Episode 1 "Angel Attack!".

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