Seeds of Life

Seeds of Life are special creatures created by what is referred to as the First Ancestral Race. Their purpose is to spread life throughout universes.


[edit] Types

Only two known types of these entities are revealed, with only one of each making an appearance in the series.

[edit] Fruit of Life

The being that possessed the Fruit of Life in the series was Adam. The fruit of life means that their offspring will have unique abilities and powers, including immortality. Some have special traits such as custom weapons, while others are just incredibly strong and use a brute force approach to everything. Any planet where a Fruit of Life seed takes root brings forth a world ruled and inhabited by Angel.

[edit] Fruit of Knowledge

The counter-part to Adam is Lilith. Lilith contains the Fruit of Knowledge, which allows her descendants to have advanced intellect, allowing civilizations and the advancement of science to thrive. Lilin's role for the planet Earth is an archetype of what a group of children from a fruit of knowledge seed can do.

[edit] Earth's Seeds of Life

An unprecedented phenomenon occurred with Earth, for it contains both a Fruit of Life and a Fruit of Knowledge. This isn't supposed to happen for it could create an civilization similar to that of the First Ancestral Race. Because of this Adam was subdued, allowing Lilith to spread out and create Lilin. However, Adam was later awakened by the Second Impact, and they began to co-exist which introduces the Angels to Earth.

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