Sachiel is the third Angel, and the first one encountered in the series when it attacks Tokyo 3.
Sachiel making his anime debut

[edit] Description

Sachiel is a tall Angel with broad shoulders and arms extending past its knees. It has bone like structures on it's thighs, around its chest protecting its core, on its shoulders, and around its eyes to form a face. It may appear to be formidable at first, but when compared to the other Angels it is actually more primitive.

Like most Angels, it has a beam cannon in its arsenal. In this instance, it comes from the eye-slots on its "mask." Just as well, it has two lances that it keeps hidden from on his forearms, with the end jutting out past its elbows. It is also the first to display the power of the AT-Field, an ability that all Angels possess. Basically it disallows almost everything to get close enough to hurt it.

Sachiel blocking a missile both its arms and its AT-Field
The Angel is first met with fire from the Japanese Strategic Self Defense Force. After they continually fail, even using their ultimate weapon, they call in the help of NERV. They activate EVA-01 and Shinji Ikari makes his debut as an EVA pilot. Unfortunately, things don't go so well at first, with Sachiel easily outclassing the unit. However, the EVA goes into berserker mode and it is too much for it to handle, ending in its defeat.
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