Misato Katsuragi


[edit] History

Misato Katsuragi in one of the original characters of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Her father was the leader of a group of scientists that was a part of the excavation program in Antartica. They were discovering a strange being that was called the 1st angel (or better known as Adam). Misato and her mother had no other choice but to move to Antartica so they can be with Misato's father. But even then, they did not see him very much as Misato's father's work kept them away from each other. What her father was also discovering a form of energy known as the Super Solenoid (which seem to power Adam). As Misato's mother finally filed for divorce from her father, she even taught herself on not liking her father as well. But one day, Adam suddenly gained great strength, he broke free from his capsule and was wreaking havoc in Antartica, melting the ice cap and killing everybody on the excavation. Misato's father who was gravely injured sealed Misato into a capsule before he died soon thereafter. For 2 years, Misato drifed out to sea and even witnessed the destruction that Adam was causing.

After she was found on the coastline of Japan, she was taken into a mental insitution where she was silent. After she came to her senses, she enrolled into a college. She was very talkative (except when talking about the disaster caused by Adam which is now known to the world as the "Second Impact". During her stay in college she met a few people Ritsuko Akagi as they are best friends, and she even had a small time relationship with Ryoji Kaji. As she graduated from college,Misato joined the Gehrin Project (later to be known as NERV) then she and Ryoji went to Germany, where they met Asuka Langley Soryu. But while they were in Germany, Misato thought that Ryoji reminded her a lot of her father and they separated. As Misato moved back to Japan, she found Rei Ayanami who was severly injured during a test for the first robot known as unit 00. A few days later a being known as the 3rd angel (Better kown as Sachiel) attacked Tokyo. while trying to scape, she even adopted the son of one of her employees, named Shinji. Over the years, she would move up to the ranks of Operations Manager and is very good at stragies and even combat survival. Her aim is to destroy the angels before they destroy the world.

[edit] Personal

However despite her great tatical mind. Misato still suffers from what she witnessed on her experiences in Antartica (with her father and Adam). Though she is not a full-blown alcoholic, but tends to drink a lot (as her appartment is clutered with either liquor bottles or beer cans). She does not cook (as Shinji does most of the cooking), and not a very good driver as she is known to be in accidents quite often. Though when she separated from Ryoji, and moved back to Japan she spend most of her time alone, then Shinji and Asuka would move in as her room-mates.

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