Lance of Longinus

The Lance of Longinus was a weapon that could only be used by an EVA Unit. It was ideal for long range combat, needing to be thrown like a spear.
Lance of Longinus resting on the moon's surface

[edit] Description

The Lance of Longinus was said to be created by the First Ancestral Race, along with Adam and Lilith. It is a special weapon that is the only one introduced in the series that can penetrate an AT-Field emitted by an Angel without any outside help. Because of this, the weapon is invaluable in the battle against the Angels.

It was first used during the Katsuragi Expedition to try to make contact with Adam. Unfortunately that failed and resulted in the Second Impact. It was later recovered however and used to control Lilith until another Angel, Arael, came about. Due to the nature of this Angel, it was out of range for every weapon except the Lance, which led to its removal from Lilith and entrance into combat. It was thrown at the Angel and destroyed it. However, due to it being so far away from Earth, it began to orbit the plan, unreachable by NERV. It finally found a resting place on the moon's surface.

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