Arael is the fifteenth Angel that makes an appearance in Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Arael floating above the Earth

[edit] Description

Arael is similar to Adam in the fact that it is very bright in appearance. The Angel has a number of wings extending out from its center. It floats in space, making sure to stay out of the range of the weaponry that any organization on Earth has. The special ability it possesses allows it to enter the mind of someone and resurface horrible memories that they have purposely forgotten. It uses this attack on Asuka Langley Soryu, and immobilizes her in their fight.

Being out of range, NERV has to resort to pulling the Lance of Longinus out of Lilith to have a weapon that can reach it. Rei Ayanami goes out in EVA-00 wielding the Lance and hurls it towards the being. The Lance pierces the AT-Field and goes through Arael, killing it, but leaving the weapon unrecoverable for NERV.

The impact on Asuka after it used it's special attack affects her throughout the remainder of the series.

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